My Summer must have's

Saturday 30 June 2018

I love Summer and even more when I am prepare for it properly.
here is some of my must have's that I actually use on a daily basis throughout the year, but find especially handy in the hot summer days.

Coconut Oil. I use it for ...everything, no joke. Its a hair mask, make up remover, body oil, lip balm, cooking help, bath addition. It is great and it is really a wonder product.
I absolutely love the scent of it too and sometimes I even add it to my perfumed body lotions. Another secret I have found is that if you apply a layer of coconut oil and then follow with your body moisturises , it actually absorbs quicker and your skins is twice as soft. Super cool, ha

Aloe Vera. Particularly the juice that you can find in Holland&Barret. I add one cap of it to my water bottle and it adds a slight fresh taste ,plus is super healthy.

Avene Thermal Water. I know a lot of you girls love it and there is a reason for that. It is literally the best unscented drop of freshness you can use to wake up your face.

And finally The Lip Balm. At the minute I am using Burt's Bee's and The Body Shop 'Born Lippy'
I love Burt's Bee's addition in Honey and the classic one and recently I tried the Zesty Orange with crystals that actually exfoliates your lips in the same time, plus it has that sweet taste I find so kissable.
The Body Shop lip balm I use if I want some shimmer and tint. Often I will dap it on my lipstick for an extra lift. it Smells very fruity and sweet and it does give you that hydration.

I am always experimenting with lip balms as the choice is too great not to try a new one now and then but I find these two are my all time favourites.

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