In Honour of Mrs Spade

Saturday 9 June 2018

In Honour of this lovely and talented woman, I have picked some of the products I find very timeless and stylish. K.Spade was an extraordinary person with multiple interests including art and old, black and white movies from the golden age of Hollywood, which you can see from the beautiful collections she's given birth to. In a recent video I have watched, about her stylish apartment in New York, I was amazed how vibrant, colourful and interesting the interior was. You can tell a lot about a person by paying attention to how they live in their habitat and I could straight away get the vibe of her multiple skills, talents and interests.

I do want to focus on her work rather than the negative  circumstances of her departure. It is a legacy she's left behind that should and will be Honoured without a doubt.
And I can only wish for people to remember her with her extraordinary work!

If I have to be honest I was not really familiar with her products in such  depth. I knew a couple of her signature handbags but I have never owned one myself.
What I will do though is show you the pieces I would absolutely love to wear and ways of styling them.

The key for being stylish to me is kind of similar principle I have in terms of Interior.
Keep it simple.
Choose what you want to accentuate in your outfit and put the focus there.
Get to know your body shape and make your flaws your strong points.
Do not be scared to be feminine and choose skirts or dresses.
Know how to dress for occasions.

I think one of the smartest things you can do for your style is to know your colours.
By now you should have discovered the ones that truly suit you and your skin tone or your eyes and hair.
But have you found the ones that just do not flatter you in any way possible?

If the answer is "No" then you have a homework to do. The good news is that the pieces I have selected are pretty much nudes, softs  and all time classic that do go very well on most people.

So You can benefit from this for sure.

Cameron Street Lotie bag

Perfect for your casual day look.
Style with high waisted jeans and white lace top,
red washed coloured top would also look great.

Hayes Street Sam Bag

I absolutely love the cute detail bow on this bag.
It is also slightly off blue colour with some purplish hue.
You can too style with jeans, light or even dark jeans as the contrast is going to bring more eyes on the bag itself.
Pair up with some nice flats and you have your minimal look.

Cameron Street Hope Bag

Absolutely gorgeous with the butterfly detail. It is also a very cute small sized bag.
I would style with black and white, or just block black colour and add  nude flats.
Casual day time pick.

Hayes Street Snake- embossed Sam Bag

I love how the snake patterned is broken down and made soft and subtle.
There is a dynamic play of the colours and the shapes, but it does not overwhelm the eye.

I would use it during the day but it goes under special occasions file.
Style with a beautiful light dress and heals in nude tones.

Hayes Street Mini Isobel

The classic black, my favourite.
This is so cute sized bag. Absolutely stunning with the feminine bow detail and so classy and elegant.
Day or night time, special
or casual occasions. I find it very versatile and timeless for that manner.
Goes with every colour. I would style it though mixing black in my outfit. High waisted Skinny jeans, white shirt and flats, t shirt or a top in various colours. Skirts or even shorts and trousers.

Make it mine Denim Pearl Flap Bag

This is a very interesting combination. And because I love denim and use it almost in every outfit of mine this bag comes to top of my choices. It is casual but with a twist of elegance, with these beautiful pearls.
I would style with jeans and more elegant tops with lace or beads as details, pearl earrings and a bit more elegant flats. It is still a casual look but with an elegant vibe to it.
And you can easily turn it to a night time by just adding high heels in the game.Or a Black mini dress.

Emerson Place Priya Bag

It is a timeless piece and it's size makes it perfect for those work meetings and going through your daily agendas, as it fits quite a lot of gear but still holds this elegant/casual vibe.
Pretty much I would mix it with jeans and any colour top/t shirt or shirt, or instead of jeans just add a skirt and flats+ sneakers and a nice short or long trench like coat.

On Purpose Oh Honey Embellished Bag
I usually don't go for stamps or too big labels, but oh this little one is super cute. I also love the bee stitching. It is engaging and funky but in subtle, elegant way. And it just shouts Kate Spade signature black and white style but with a little twist. I would style it with jeans or skirt with some cool top in the same style as the bag: meaning that I will make sure if the top is one colour it has a weird effect or a detail that compliments the bag. Add flats and off to see the girls.

Brooks Drive Stacey Wallet

The all time polka dot love.
I would even use this wallet as an extra mini accessory  to my outfit if I don't want to carry bag of any sort, but still need some basics with me.

Elliot Street Lacey Wallet
I love the bow detail and the line with polka dots.
it is the perfect addition to your black, classic bag.

Hyde Lane Stripe Mellody

I know it is a wallet but I would use this on my summer vacation as a mini add on.
It is so cute a nd retro with the stripes.
I just love it!

Kasie Sunglasses

I am very picky with sunglasses as I know what looks good on my Face shape. But again this two models fits most shapes.

They come in two different tortoise shades.
I love how they just fit perfectly and instantly make your look cooler.

Drystle Sunglasses

It is this Audrey Hepburn or Jaqueline Kennedy vibe I get, but the flowers make it cuter and oh so casual in a way.
They are very feminine and will certainly add some chic twist to your style.

I think having your hear on a messy bun with some soft small earrings  will make you even more elegantly effortless.

 Champion KS Dancing Dot

The cutest polka dot flats.
Casual fit to any outfit.

Laureen Heels

Nude heels is a must in every woman's wardrobe.
And this ones have the loveliest sided bow detail.

 Cloud Dot Tie Front Shell

The royal blue colour and the polka dots are such a good combo. I also love the detailing around the neck and shoulder openings, so cute.
I love tops that are not too closed at your neck and this one gives you the option to make it more elegant by tying  up that bow.
I would style with jeans or a white skirt .

Bauble Short Sleeve Sweater

This is so textile and interesting.
I love the stripes and the pinky pom pom's
Style with white or dark jeans or a midi pleated skirt and cute flats.

Daisy Garden Poplin Dress

The sweetest day time floral dress.
pair it up with flats and a cute bag and you are ready to go .

Daisy Garden Midi Dress

I love the transparent detail on the sleeves and the open neck opening. The whole dress is so dreamy and it is like it floats on air, it looks so light and fresh.

Small Bloom Poplin Dress

I just love the prints and colour choice of this dress.
I love how the peachy blossoms compliment the skin tone and the black detailing gives a hint where the dress features are.

Flutter Sleeve Cutwork Dress

The black mini dress, a staple in your stye for sure and A must have.
I actually prefer how the stitching details of this dress make it wearable during day too and if paired up with flats it can deliver the casual look.

 Tiarra Skirt

Also a must have. high waisted tweed mini black skirt.

You can wear it quite casually with flats or add high heels and make it more formal.

I love the chiffon hem detail too. It makes all the difference when you have a cute eye catching feature on the piece.

Pearl Button Cropped Cardigan

Super stylish and minimal, perfect to keep you warm on your casual adventures.
It is super versatile but I would wear it with a black skirt mostly and throw on a dark jeans with flats or heels if you prefer to be more formal.

Sylver Metallic Pleated Skirt

Wear with a nice black cardigan or top and I would absolutely go for flats here.

Myah Pant

Or Kate Spade's nod to nautical pants.
I find them super stylish and classy.
You could wear them even with sneaker and a t shirt, they are just timeless piece that goes well with everything.

Girls in Pearls Choker

Sassy edition to up your outfit.

Black goes well with another black piece like skirt or a top.

All tied up pave knot studs

Super cute and unusual, You will deffinetely not regret adding these on your list.

Shine on Pearl Cuff Earrings

You have the classic pearl glam with a modern twist.

Vibrant Life Leather Statement Earrings

You just have to admit these catch your eye in sort of a minimal way. they are super feminine and interesting.
I feel if you own at least one floral dress, then these two would look amazing as an addition.

Signature Spade Crystal Studs

I feel this piece is probably the one you would want to have and will hold a lot of memories and meaning. It is almost wearable with everything and is ad will be a timeless item.

Perfectly polished compact.

It is always a good time to add a little shine.
Do it with a stylish compact mirror that will literally be in your bag all the time.
So why not pick a good one.

The Bon Voyage Park Large candle

With Notes of:
freshly cut grass
violet leaf
tree moss
green apple

Recalling memories of warm days in the park or relaxing with the dearest of friends.

"She" Coffee Table Book

She: muses, visionaries and madcap heroines she celebrates fifty iconic women with rich photography, spirited quotes and profiles, amusing anecdotes, words of wisdom and personal essays, along with a sprinkle of signature Kate Spade New York "She" statements.

And Of course Kate Spade's
Walk on Air perfume
With notes of:

linden blossom
calabrian bergamot
maiden's hair fern
tunisian neroli

Egyptian jasmine

cranium lily
white iris
violet leaf

Here are some example of how you could style the items.
It does look like a capsule wardrobe which is always a good idea in terms of keeping it minimal.

You can shop some of the items here:

  Kate Spade Women Wallet Cameron street lacey tusk/black PWRU5073B-913

  kate spade new york Small Square Multi-Stud Earrings

  Kate Spade New York: Things We Love: Twenty Years of Inspiration, Intriguing Bits and Other 

  Kate Spade new york Spade Bangles Silver-Tone Thin Hinge Bangle Bracelet

  Kate Spade KSIPH-069-GDFO Protective Hard Shell Case for iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus/6S Plus/6 Plus - Glitter Dot Rose Gold

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  kate spade new york Asymmetrical Studs Flying Colors Asymmetrical Jet Multi Stud Earrings


  Kate Spade New York hard case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus, gold/multi, transparent high-gloss design, golden logo, high-quality materials

  Kate Spade KSIPD-017-BLK New York Perforated Envelope Case for iPad Pro - Black

  kate spade new york Princess Cut Leverbacks Save The Date Princess Cut Leverbacks Clear/Rose Gold Drop Earrings

  Kate Spade New York Women's Nash Ballet Flat, Black, 9 B(M) US

  kate spade Womens Watch KSW1039

  Wallets Kate Spade Women - Leather (PWRU5073001)

  Kate Spade KSIPH-089-RGG Flexible Glitter Case for iPhone 7S/7/6/6S - Rose Gold

  kate spade new york: SHE: muses, visionairies and madcap heroines

  Kate Spade Cameron Street Saffiano Shopper Bag One Size BLACK

  Kate Spade Perforated Sleeve for 13-Inch MacBook - Rose Quartz

  Kate Spade Women Wallet Yours truly print lacey heartparty PWRU6079-692

Kate Spade New York hardshell case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Gold/Multi, transparent high-gloss design, golden logo, high-quality materials

kate spade new york Ballpoint Pen Pink

  Kate Spade new york Set In Stone Enamel Stone Hinged White Bangle Bracelet

  Kate Spade Protective Hard Shell Case for iPhone 8 - Hollyhock Floral Cream

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite and what your personal input on it would be.

In Honour of Kate Spade!

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