My Vanity Shelf Perfume Favs (atm)

Tuesday 19 July 2022

London, UK
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Hi All, 

I am back with yet another blog post and may I say that I am sorry for keeping you waiting!

In this post I would like to share with all of you my current vanity shelf perfume picks I have been using in the past year. As you can see from the photo above these are in total only four. So a small selection, but nevertheless a good one.

Funny fact is that only one of these perfume I have purchased myself and the other three were gifted to me from friends and family.

In general I tend to stick to a few rules or likings in the process of using perfumes. 
I have a winter selection and a summer selection, forgetting about the other two seasons which seems to be absent in England anyway ( laugh). Then I also would have a day smell and a night smell, which funny enough recently has completely gone out the window that system of mine. 

So from the vanity shelf my winter labelled scents are: 

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My New Podcast: All Things Wonderful

Sunday 17 July 2022

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 Hi Guys, 

Welcome to another post (a little delayed, or maybe not so little)!

This post is more of an announcement of mine.

I have been thinking of connecting with all of in a more interesting and free format (not that I do not enjoy writing). With my schedule getting more and more busy I do not have enough time to write about the things I would like to so much anymore. It takes a long time to combine the information I want to share with you. 

Saying this I am not going to stop releasing posts to my blog, especially after seeing your love and support in the comments! For which I am truly thankful! 

But as an addition to this I have created the "All Things Wonderful" Podcast! And I am super proud to welcome you on this journey of discussions and sharing stories. 

Through this podcast I am going to tackle one of my fears - presenting/speaking to an audience. 

So please excuse all the nervousness in the beginning of this journey.

In the podcast, I have set a few ideas to come in which some very interesting interviews with all the special women in my life.

I will talk about Interiors, Art, Beauty and Style, Travel and Foodie bits as I have written about in this very blog. 

So please subscribe and share your love on the platform as you have so wonderfully done with my blog here. 

And I promise you I am soon going to release a series of wonderful blogs here as well. 

You can find links to my podcast below which you can listen on Spotify and Amazon Music as well as the original RSS link. 

I have also link the podcast in the homepage of this my blog just below my 'About' section. 

Much Love!


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