The Bad Alcohol in Skincare Products

Tuesday 29 May 2018

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As promised, here we are again with the second part of our " Good and Bad Alcohol in Skincare Products" research. Hope you find it as useful as our first post.

The most commonly used bad alcohols in products , especially for problem and oily skin are: ethyl, isopropyl and sd alcohol. Ideally if you would like to better your skin condition and health in general you want to avoid as much as possible these as well as the ones listed bellow.

I really agree with this saying and it is really a challenge  searching for good products but this shouldn't discourage you from wanting the best for your skin .

One important thing to remember is  to opt for the good alcohols in skincare that do not prevent your skin from keeping at balance its moisture levels. Drinking plenty of water and less alcohol is always a plus.

Night time routine is also quite vital for your skin's health. Adding too many products can block your pores and reduce your skin's  natural resistance and defences. Try to keep it minimal. One good night time cream and day cream with spf is more than enough. Less is More!

Your skin will be with you for the rest of your life and it is definitely worth  looking after. Imagine it is a delicate flower that needs daily watering but not excessively, protection from the harsh sun ( SPF )  and as few toxins as possible because it damages its natural chemical balance. 

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La vie en Rose

Monday 28 May 2018

42 Adler St, Whitechapel, London E1 1EE, UK
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I am not really a cocktail person but once in a while I allow myself to try something new. As it was a special Birthday celebration for my sister , I could not say no to the opportunity to explore a new taste. And so my choice for "La Vie En Rose" as it sounded so dreamy and french I was even more curious.
It Consists of:
Beefeater gin, St Germain, fresh lemon juice, lavender syrup and rose lemonade.
I was not expecting much but when it was served I was pleasantly surprised by the loveliness in the glass. Soft Pink with dried lavender and rose petals..... and the taste .. well If I had to rate it I would give it a 10 out of 10.

If you like what you are seeing, You can try it in the lobby Bar at The QBIC Hotel in London.

What is your favourite cocktail ?

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London Walks

London, UK
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 With the lovely weather stepping in , I can not help but suggest some lovely places to go and enjoy this beautiful city. One of my favourite locations in London is Portobello Road! Iconic and diverse, the vibe there is so strong that you wont be able not to fall in love with the markets, cafes and interesting vintage shops. Not to mention one of Kate Moss's favourite shops is located there.
And here is my recommendation for a place where you can grab a bite. Georges is a fish and chips shop loved even by Jamie Oliver and many celebrities, you can see some of their photographs hanging on the wall when you first step in from the door.

Another location worth hanging around is beautiful Chelsea, in particular Sloane Square and pathways and parks next to the river. If you decide to take a stroll down Kings Road, coming from Sloane Square station, make sure to stop by Joe and The Juice. Super food smoothies and shakes with the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the sun.  Going for a bike ride is always an amazing idea! Also as currently The Chelsea Flower Show takes place, almost every shop has a cute flower window display and the whole road is suddenly transformed into this fairy like place.

Leave a comment and share with us which is your favourite place in London.

On a more serious note, If you fancy getting to know London from another more different time, I suggest You get yourself "Night walks"

But be aware it is in the style of the author, so nothing pinky and romantic. It is rather realistically dramatic.

Dickens describes his time as an insomniac, when he decided to cure himself by walking through London in the small hours, and discovered homelessness and vice on the streets.

I feel it is a very interesting contrast of what London can offer.

Shop here: Night Walks (Penguin Great Ideas)

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The Good Alcohol in Skincare Products

Thursday 24 May 2018

London, UK

As I have promised In my previous post ( The French Affair), where I talked about some of my favourites and my research on skincare, I tried to simplify all the information out there and make it more accessible by a format that will be hopefully easy to read and access whenever you need to check your products on the go.

I am going to talk more about the Good Alcohols that is a 'yes,yes' if found in products. And following up, in my next post we are going to focus on the bad ones. I have decided to split the Info as it is a little bit overwhelming to read all at once.
So here it goes, enjoy and use it wisely!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that so far we all know there are two kinds of alcohol:
Bad and good.
But what does it mean bad? And what does it do to our skin?
Well, it basically dries everything on the surface of your skin. If you have oily skin you might still think that is actually good, but think twice. Stripping away all the natural oils your skin produces only causes your oil glands to produce even more to compensate for the loss, essentially worsening your already oily situation there. And we all know that alcohol causes moisture evaporation, right? So , when you buy a cream to hydrate your skin, but it has a bad alcohol that dries it in the process , you could be causing the very thing you are trying to avoid.

The good news is that not all alcohols are Bad. Here are some of the good guys you can look for next time you reach out for a product:

As I dived in deep in my research I have pumped on the "Breast Cancer UK" web page where I found pretty useful and fun list of Info and I hope it helps as well.

I have some pretty good products in line that are not only natural but affordable too, but all in time. So stick around.

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Interiors x Flowers

Wednesday 23 May 2018

81 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6RD, UK
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 If You are looking for some design ideas for your flower arrangements ( as we all feel a bit inspired with the sun in the skies) head up tp the Conran Shop in Chelsea. The display team there has done some amazing job in creating the windows display , as usual. Big admirations!

 Here's the centrepiece we all need to have. Classic white flowers with some little baby vases to break up the formality. And my favourite combo: black and white. Because no matter what you add you can never go wrong with these colours. I also love the warmth of the wooden display on the back. This is probably my style if I was to choose one. Some people refer to it as a Scandi touch, but I am not so sure you can address everything thats wood, black and white as Scandi.

And the retro sentiments today ..... It's almost as if I was in the deep country site of some French village looking to buy some Jam and breath from the nearest bakery and Oh.. My car broke down in the middle of the lavender field. The sweet romance between the green, soft blue and violet is on spot too.

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Chelsea in Bloom

81 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6RD, UK
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It always pleases me to see an opportunity to gaze upon something so beautiful. All the colours and arrangements. This is what I call and Inspiration. You can easily get ideas how to mix and match and arrange your home for that dreamy/spring like feel

No , this is not the Chelsea Flower Show. Although I do recommend you visit this amazing event as they have the coolest flower designs you can see in town. This here is "Just" the gorgeous display of the flower shop at the Michelin  Building. Couldn't help but snap these lovely peonies while passing by. I have never been a huge fan of anything but roses and lilies but my relocation to the UK have definitely broadened my horizons in the Flora and Fauna world.

Looking at the pinks and violets I cant help but picture them in a lovely arranged centrepiece on my table. Or even scattered around the house as a single branches  spreading scent from every corner. Dreamy!

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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Upper St, London N1 1RQ, UK
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This little flower here is actually used for tea preparetion . It is one of my accidental findings whilst enjoying a walk with my sister on Upper street, Islington. The area is so gorgeous and filled with  so interesting and cute little shops that it was just a matter of time before I pumped into this cutie here. 
It is a Jasmine tea flower and it deffinetely raised my tea game up. 

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The perfect dessert presentation for your summer garden parties

London, UK
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Back when I was a student I would take small breaks to allow myself to refresh and energize. One of my distractions was so sweet and tasty that I decided to permanently add the recipe to my cooking book. I did come up with some pretty good homemade recipes  for quick and fancy looking deserts and I am going to share them with you.
All you need for this one is bellow:

  1. 800ml of milk ( any milk is good, almond, soya...whatever drives your boat)
  2. 1 packet Vanilla or Strawberry Starch ( if you have no idea where to find a flavored one, I suggest you visit a polish or Eastern European shop)
  3. 200gr of sugar
  4. some bananas and I ave added kiwi but feel free to mix it up with your favorite fruit   

And then here comes the fun part:
Pour the milk in a saucepan and boil it, but make sure to leave aside 150ml( roughly one cup).
Mix the Flavoured starch with the milk in the cup you have put aside.

Once the milked is boiled ( you will notice it by the increased bubbles on the top ; ) ) add the sugar and the premixed cup of milk and starch while staring it all along.

Boil the mix 5-10 minutes, take off the hob and let it cool down.
All you need to do next is put in a fancy dessert dish and style.

And to get this beautiful table setting here are some of the picks I have selected for You:

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Facial Spa at Home

London, UK
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For my first beauty skincare breakdown, I have chosen one of my favourite discoveries: Darphin! 
I  love this brand and all of their products. 
I am also casually adding Chloe perfume because I believe its softness really complements the vibe of this post( and because I was really obsessed with the scent some time ago).
My obsession with skincare health began after I've found out the staggering science research and data on toxic ingredients in our day to day beauty products and how these can affect our health to the point some of of them are considered causes for cancer.

Women are also one of the main consumers of beauty products globally and I believe a special attention to educating young generations on this side of the market is essential.

In my "Style and Beaty Picks,"  I am going to focus on which ingredients are a "no-no" and which are acceptable if found in our skincare in a small percentage. 

I will go through my personal experience and research in details as well in some of my next posts, so tune in and follow by email.

I have found Darphin as a result of my effort in using a good and natural cosmetic brand that is suitable for sensitive skin. 

 Their Intral collection for sensitive skin prone to redness is wonderful and I highly recomend it.  You can test one product and see the results for yourself as well.
My skin is normal to combination, however, I do tend to get redness in some areas of my face and that was the reason I decided to try their Intral range. Also,  I prefer minimal and healthier regime when it comes to skincare or makeup.
I am really not a fan of using too much creams, serums and oils at ones and I believe it is actualy harmful to your skin. It clogs the pores and it generally can put your skin in to shock. You can also destroy skin's natural defence mechanism and ability to produce oils on its own. 

So keep it simple with skincare and makeup if possible. Let your skin breathe!

Darphin's skincare range is not only free from parabens but does not have the bad alcohols that dry our skin while we are trying so hard to moisturise it.

One of my all-time favourites for the harsh winter months is the "Ideal Resource Overnight Cream Anti-ageing Perfecting Skincare Treatment cream" that is also anti-ageing but does not have any harsh ingredients like some other anti-ageing products.

So if you are in a mood to spoil yourself I suggest you have a look at their beautiful website.

Next time I am going to go in details about the two things I have mentioned in this post: parabens and which are the bad and good alcohols in our cosmetic.

So Here guys are the Intral Heroes we chose for your sensitive skin and my favourite Darphin products I have tried and love.

Happy shopping and dont forget to let me know what you think you think in the comment section below

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