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Tuesday 22 May 2018

London, UK

For my first beauty skincare breakdown, I have chosen one of my favourite discoveries: Darphin! 
I  love this brand and all of their products. 
I am also casually adding Chloe perfume because I believe its softness really complements the vibe of this post( and because I was really obsessed with the scent some time ago).
My obsession with skincare health began after I've found out the staggering science research and data on toxic ingredients in our day to day beauty products and how these can affect our health to the point some of of them are considered causes for cancer.

Women are also one of the main consumers of beauty products globally and I believe a special attention to educating young generations on this side of the market is essential.

In my "Style and Beaty Picks,"  I am going to focus on which ingredients are a "no-no" and which are acceptable if found in our skincare in a small percentage. 

I will go through my personal experience and research in details as well in some of my next posts, so tune in and follow by email.

I have found Darphin as a result of my effort in using a good and natural cosmetic brand that is suitable for sensitive skin. 

 Their Intral collection for sensitive skin prone to redness is wonderful and I highly recomend it.  You can test one product and see the results for yourself as well.
My skin is normal to combination, however, I do tend to get redness in some areas of my face and that was the reason I decided to try their Intral range. Also,  I prefer minimal and healthier regime when it comes to skincare or makeup.
I am really not a fan of using too much creams, serums and oils at ones and I believe it is actualy harmful to your skin. It clogs the pores and it generally can put your skin in to shock. You can also destroy skin's natural defence mechanism and ability to produce oils on its own. 

So keep it simple with skincare and makeup if possible. Let your skin breathe!

Darphin's skincare range is not only free from parabens but does not have the bad alcohols that dry our skin while we are trying so hard to moisturise it.

One of my all-time favourites for the harsh winter months is the "Ideal Resource Overnight Cream Anti-ageing Perfecting Skincare Treatment cream" that is also anti-ageing but does not have any harsh ingredients like some other anti-ageing products.

So if you are in a mood to spoil yourself I suggest you have a look at their beautiful website.

Next time I am going to go in details about the two things I have mentioned in this post: parabens and which are the bad and good alcohols in our cosmetic.

So Here guys are the Intral Heroes we chose for your sensitive skin and my favourite Darphin products I have tried and love.

Happy shopping and dont forget to let me know what you think you think in the comment section below

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