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Creating Your Sanctuary: Crafting the Perfect Vanity Set-Up

Friday 26 January 2024

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, a well-curated vanity space can serve as your personal sanctuary—an oasis where you begin and end your day with a touch of luxury and self-care. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast, a skincare aficionado, or someone who simply appreciates a dedicated space for reflection, crafting the perfect vanity set-up is an art. Let's explore the elements that transform a vanity into a haven of elegance and functionality.

1. The Vanity Table: Elegance as a Foundation

At the heart of the perfect vanity set-up lies the vanity table itself. Opt for a design that resonates with your aesthetic—be it vintage, minimalist, or glam. Consider practical aspects, such as ample storage for your beauty essentials and a spacious tabletop for your daily ritual. A mirrored surface can add a touch of sophistication while also serving a functional purpose.

2. Lighting: Illuminating Your Reflection

Good lighting is paramount for any vanity set-up. Natural light is ideal, but if that's not feasible, invest in soft, diffused lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Vanity mirrors with built-in LED lights provide an excellent solution, ensuring that your reflection is well-lit for makeup application or skincare routines. Enhance the ambiance with elegant fixtures that complement your overall aesthetic.

3. Organization is Key: Keep It Tidy and Accessible

An organized vanity is a stress-free vanity. Invest in chic organizers for your makeup, skincare products, and accessories. Drawers with dividers, acrylic trays, and brush holders can maintain order and elevate the visual appeal of your space. Display your most-used items for easy access, and consider rotating your collection to keep things fresh and exciting.

4. Personal Touch: Reflecting Your Style

Add a personal touch to your vanity with decor that speaks to your style. Incorporate a vase of fresh flowers, framed inspirational quotes, or small trinkets that hold sentimental value. This is your space for self-expression, so let your personality shine through in the details.

5. Comfort Seating: Where Style Meets Functionality

Choose a comfortable chair or stool that complements the overall aesthetic of your vanity. Whether it's a plush, upholstered seat or a sleek, modern stool, the key is to strike a balance between comfort and style. This is the spot where you'll spend precious moments pampering yourself, so make sure it feels just right.

6. Mirrors: Reflecting Beauty and Functionality

Selecting the right mirrors is crucial for a vanity set-up. A large, well-lit mirror is essential for your beauty routine, but consider adding smaller decorative mirrors for a touch of glamour. Experiment with different shapes and frame styles to create visual interest.

Your Daily Ritual, Elevated

In the art of crafting the perfect vanity set-up, every element contributes to a daily ritual that transcends routine. It becomes a space where you start and end your day with intention, a sanctuary that reflects not just your beauty but your unique style and personality. Invest time in curating a vanity that speaks to you, and watch as this small corner of your home becomes a transformative haven of elegance and self-care.

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Weekly Interior Inspo: Minimalistic Orange

Saturday 16 January 2021

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Welcome back to my Interior Inspo corner!
I have been away for a while from my blog and have been gathering inspiring material for you all.
This week I would like to take you into my recent liking: bringing an orange colour to sit with us on the table and discuss how you can easily incorporate it.

As an Autumn lover ( my favourite season) naturally I am drawn to more earthy colours and materials.
In the picture above we can clearly observe that orange fits in pretty well, even if you are a minimal design lover.
So liking black and white/grey scheme that tends to be very clean and cold toned, would not stop you from
bringing some colour and if you also like orange like me, it is a great way to invite some warmth into your home, especially if you have plants as well.
Orange binds really well with greenery and wooden elements, as well as copper, brass and other warm metals you might want to incorporate around your interior as small details.

In the photo above you can see how you can also bring orange hues incorporated in the wood or like we have done here in the kitchen lighting: using copper/brass shades.
It worked quite well as we have wood in warm tones throughout the entire interior.
Starting with the dining table, the bar stools and the kitchen minimal shelving. Combined with accessories in copper scattered around, it really makes the interior a bit warmer and cosier.
Next step or how to bring this forward is by adding elements that will act as a strong contrast but still
work quite well with the warm hues. 
We have a dark wooden floor ( warm toned), which makes the white stands out even more. 
The final touch is bringing black metal elements, small so not too much in the face, as we want the focus to be on the airy white feel with a splash of colour.
You can observe the photo above how the black acts as a perfect contrast and looks awesome in conjunction with the orange. 

One of my favourites as well is bringing some plants into this mix. And if you are bold enough, notice te teal coloured front door?!

Talking about teal, orange and being bold with colour, have a look at the image above!
I really love how the teal interacts with the warm light from the minimal lighting bulbs with dark cables for extra contrast, as well as the orange Smeg.
Perfect if you want to up the game of a small space and make it stand out.

And again, plants and wooden elements seem to go hand by hand with this colour scheme.

If you like orange but prefer a slightly more subtle hue of it, well then copper/brass is the perfect material to incorporate in your plans.
And please do not worry if you already have silver elements placed( like the oven or the hob tops) I have been saying this for years now: But it really doesn't matter anymore! You can mix and match metal finishes as long as they look good together as in the image above. There isn't a rule of law where it says you must not. 
Interior designers are open-minded creatures, brave enough to open their minds and think out of the box.
New things and mixtures excite us and we would never say no to a brave idea. So, whoever tells you that you should not, well how about you switch to a different designer that has an open mind.
And maybe the result will be similar to the one above :)

This one is one of my top favourite schemes and results ever achieved!

I love it because it brings peace and calm and has this airy, earthy feel.

Contrast with mix of light, dark and warmer wood, leather and metal, black and white and a game 

of lines, squares and textures.

I am curious to read your thought about this space!

A prime example of a minimal design that is warm and inviting.

Here we have focused on materials admixing them bravely. we have wood, stone, metal and all in different colours as per material, which is what makes this so interesting, yet keeps its minimalistic look.

Notice the glass door? It actually plays a vital part in making the space fluid, like light is floating throughout the different rooms.

Another example of mixing brass, copper and silver metal that has worked pretty amazing.

The wood and marble elements add even more sleek look to the place.

Biggest example orange is the perfect companion to greener. Notice the scatter cushion and the insight brass finish of the light shade?

again we have dark for contrast, wooden floor as an earthy element which sits awesome with the brick wall and white finish on the walls. Not to mention the island which is cold tone but makes a perfect addition to this scheme.

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Table Settings Spring/Summer/Winter

Wednesday 28 August 2019

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Some time ago I had the pleasurable task to join in a small project for The Conran Shop and create a table setting for one of their London Stores. And I have been wanting to share some of my visions for  casually elegant table sets. Hope you like it and comment which one is your favourite concept.
All Products Available in The Conran Shop.

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B&W Interiors ||

Wednesday 19 September 2018

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                            I have always been in love with Black and White Interiors. I think it is 
                           the subtle opportunity they give for focusing on some particular points like 
                           areas from your habitat you would like to bring up with adding an extra colour 
                           or material.

Another favourite of mine is having a library selection of great books. Not for the looks
 of it ( although it does bring that classiness) but for honouring the classic old experience of opening 
a good book, smelling the pages, leaving your mark in between, highlighting the lines that got your attention. You can not do that on a tablet and for me the experience is very important.
How many of you have sometimes find themselves opening a book you have read finding an old image or a ticket or a coffee stain from that sleepless night you had getting ready for a project or a presentation. 

Adding a fireplace to the picture is always a good idea. If you have been to the mountains staying in a lodge you deff know why I am saying this. There is something warm and cosy sitting up and looking at the burning wood and the dancing flames. It is almost hypnotising...
even better if you snuggle on a nice pillow or blanket with some book or tea, hot chocolate or whatever drink you like , maybe wine, whiskey ; ) 

Wooden floors with one vintage rug ..old time fav choice. It is rustic, rough but in the same time harmfully cosy. I also love when theres a black wall here or there covered with some bad ass memories from trips or activities like hiking, surfing, skiing or whatever floats that boat of yours. 

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Interior Inspo from Pasadena

Tuesday 18 September 2018

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    Our habitat is where we unwind from the daily stress and recharge for the new challenges ahead.
    In this sense the  interior should not take the attention away but compliment our life.

   Minimal simplicity has always been my preferred style as it achieves that balance. Ethereal but light and somewhat dreamy. This is the feels I get when I look at this mid century house in Pasadena.
The lightness and open plans help bring some nature into the picture and that is always a good idea.
Nature helps us calm our mind and come to piece easier.

   What also got my likes for this house is the gentle theme of earthy materials going through the interior. The metals like copper that bring some warmth mixed with the brickwork and the stones like terrazzo and marble. Heavy materials but used in a very elegant way.

                       But then again it all enters around that openness and the connection with

And it seem to work pretty good using light and warm shades as it comes naturally            
together as if it was designed effortlessly.

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All of the lights

Tuesday 7 August 2018

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Fairy or garden lights , whenever you have decided to place them, in your home or garden,
they will definitely bring some magic in your life and destress you from the stress life can sometimes be. We all have ups and downs and it is very important to find a small moment in our busy routines to reconnect with our inner child and have some fun. 
To create a cozy  cocoon  where it is only you and your imagination , maybe a nice music, a glass of vine, a book or a movie. These become instantly more appealing when you add some sparkle.
So here bellow are some pretty good visual ideas of how you can play around and decorate your place, even if you just wish to surprice a friend or have some dinner/garden party.

                    You can literally go to amazon or eBay and dive into the endless choices of 
                     lights: string, bulbs, multi colour, warm lights, pure white, outdoor etc.
                     Just go with your gut and choose your fav one

                       I am a fan of the warm whites. They remind me of Christmas evenings
                       and summer bonfires with friends. 

                     But with that said I can not deny the opportunity to mix and match, experiment 
                    try to find the most magical setting to relax my busy, rushing thoughts.
                     And sometimes a cold blue lights can remind of the night sky and really put 
                    you in a mood for sleep.

You can even add a vale of them fairy bits...

Even the most ordinary place can be transformed with so little ... but leave a great impact on you.

Or you can opt for a single object that will lit up your night.

A curtain of lights or just a string? I would say that this is really up to your 
personal preference and how intense  you want the light to be. Or you prefer just a hint, 
ad add other bits and pieces to addd to the comfort of the setting. Like lots of pillows, 
photographs etc.

As casual as possible is a deffinite recipe for relaxed feel.

Wood, warm light and soft bedding, cosier than white interior? 

                    Yes, you can even add some tree branches and place the lights around them.
                     It is like kind of camping in a forest with the comfort of your bed.

Or add a theme shaped lights and leave the rest to candles.

Remember there are different sizes of bulbs, and you can mix them too.

I hope You enjoyed and got some inspiration for your magic corner.

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