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Wednesday 19 September 2018

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                            I have always been in love with Black and White Interiors. I think it is 
                           the subtle opportunity they give for focusing on some particular points like 
                           areas from your habitat you would like to bring up with adding an extra colour 
                           or material.

Another favourite of mine is having a library selection of great books. Not for the looks
 of it ( although it does bring that classiness) but for honouring the classic old experience of opening 
a good book, smelling the pages, leaving your mark in between, highlighting the lines that got your attention. You can not do that on a tablet and for me the experience is very important.
How many of you have sometimes find themselves opening a book you have read finding an old image or a ticket or a coffee stain from that sleepless night you had getting ready for a project or a presentation. 

Adding a fireplace to the picture is always a good idea. If you have been to the mountains staying in a lodge you deff know why I am saying this. There is something warm and cosy sitting up and looking at the burning wood and the dancing flames. It is almost hypnotising...
even better if you snuggle on a nice pillow or blanket with some book or tea, hot chocolate or whatever drink you like , maybe wine, whiskey ; ) 

Wooden floors with one vintage rug ..old time fav choice. It is rustic, rough but in the same time harmfully cosy. I also love when theres a black wall here or there covered with some bad ass memories from trips or activities like hiking, surfing, skiing or whatever floats that boat of yours. 

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Interior Inspo from Pasadena

Tuesday 18 September 2018

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    Our habitat is where we unwind from the daily stress and recharge for the new challenges ahead.
    In this sense the  interior should not take the attention away but compliment our life.

   Minimal simplicity has always been my preferred style as it achieves that balance. Ethereal but light and somewhat dreamy. This is the feels I get when I look at this mid century house in Pasadena.
The lightness and open plans help bring some nature into the picture and that is always a good idea.
Nature helps us calm our mind and come to piece easier.

   What also got my likes for this house is the gentle theme of earthy materials going through the interior. The metals like copper that bring some warmth mixed with the brickwork and the stones like terrazzo and marble. Heavy materials but used in a very elegant way.

                       But then again it all enters around that openness and the connection with

And it seem to work pretty good using light and warm shades as it comes naturally            
together as if it was designed effortlessly.

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All of the lights

Tuesday 7 August 2018

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Fairy or garden lights , whenever you have decided to place them, in your home or garden,
they will definitely bring some magic in your life and destress you from the stress life can sometimes be. We all have ups and downs and it is very important to find a small moment in our busy routines to reconnect with our inner child and have some fun. 
To create a cozy  cocoon  where it is only you and your imagination , maybe a nice music, a glass of vine, a book or a movie. These become instantly more appealing when you add some sparkle.
So here bellow are some pretty good visual ideas of how you can play around and decorate your place, even if you just wish to surprice a friend or have some dinner/garden party.

                    You can literally go to amazon or eBay and dive into the endless choices of 
                     lights: string, bulbs, multi colour, warm lights, pure white, outdoor etc.
                     Just go with your gut and choose your fav one

                       I am a fan of the warm whites. They remind me of Christmas evenings
                       and summer bonfires with friends. 

                     But with that said I can not deny the opportunity to mix and match, experiment 
                    try to find the most magical setting to relax my busy, rushing thoughts.
                     And sometimes a cold blue lights can remind of the night sky and really put 
                    you in a mood for sleep.

You can even add a vale of them fairy bits...

Even the most ordinary place can be transformed with so little ... but leave a great impact on you.

Or you can opt for a single object that will lit up your night.

A curtain of lights or just a string? I would say that this is really up to your 
personal preference and how intense  you want the light to be. Or you prefer just a hint, 
ad add other bits and pieces to addd to the comfort of the setting. Like lots of pillows, 
photographs etc.

As casual as possible is a deffinite recipe for relaxed feel.

Wood, warm light and soft bedding, cosier than white interior? 

                    Yes, you can even add some tree branches and place the lights around them.
                     It is like kind of camping in a forest with the comfort of your bed.

Or add a theme shaped lights and leave the rest to candles.

Remember there are different sizes of bulbs, and you can mix them too.

I hope You enjoyed and got some inspiration for your magic corner.

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