My Vanity Shelf Perfume Favs (atm)

Tuesday 19 July 2022

London, UK


Hi All, 

I am back with yet another blog post and may I say that I am sorry for keeping you waiting!

In this post I would like to share with all of you my current vanity shelf perfume picks I have been using in the past year. As you can see from the photo above these are in total only four. So a small selection, but nevertheless a good one.

Funny fact is that only one of these perfume I have purchased myself and the other three were gifted to me from friends and family.

In general I tend to stick to a few rules or likings in the process of using perfumes. 
I have a winter selection and a summer selection, forgetting about the other two seasons which seems to be absent in England anyway ( laugh). Then I also would have a day smell and a night smell, which funny enough recently has completely gone out the window that system of mine. 

So from the vanity shelf my winter labelled scents are: 

And I have linked these for you in case you would like to try these.

Both of these were gifted to me by my lovely mum and sister during the winter months (as I am a winter baby-born in February) around my birthday and Christmas. Needless to say this is predominantly why I have been using these most during the cold months and have linked and labelled them as my winter scents. 

They are both very complex and beautiful composition of lovely notes that I absolutely love.
Sweet and yet soft, long lasting and sensual.

I have broken this rule of mine and worn them during a trip to Barcelona and in the spring time and I can definitely say they are absolutely delicious even in the warm months. 

And moving on to my summer picks.

As you can tell from the names both of these are the signature classic scents of these brands.

I really need to say that apart form Chloe which I discovered a few years ago this is the first time I have ever smelled these scents. 

I love the lightness and the freshness of Chloe and when I first bought it (back in 2013-14) I was certain this would be my signature scent for many years to come. But my nose for hungry to discover more and with the years passing by people were gifting me these amazing scents I could not turn down. 

And Jimmy Choo was one of these. I think I am starting to develop a taste for perfume with lychee note. It is absolutely delicious. I can drink the scent as a juice. I love the fruit and now I love the note so many perfumers choose to include in their creations. 

I deemed the Jimmy Choo perfume as my night time vibe but I have been happily using it during the day as well. And the same applies to Chloe. 

I don't think they are any rules to perfumes and the way you are supposed to use these anymore!

But perfume are also stories in a bottle. They become so personal to use the minute we discover them and decide to buy them and even more after we have worn them through  days, months and years gathering and memories, then inevitably associating them to these. 

I have also broken down the notes to each one of these in my podcast 'All Things Wonderful' in the link below.

All Things Wonderful 

I am curious to see which scents you have on your vanity shelfs
Share with me in the comments bellow :)


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