Minimalism: Glass vases

Thursday 7 June 2018

I know that with the hot summer days, we naturally long to be out, surrounded by nature. It can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are in the mids of a work project and your booked holiday is miles away. The alternative for many of us is to just visit the local florist markets and bring some of that forest like vibe into our homes. And here I am going to share some of my favourite looks . The good news is that they can all be achieved in a very affordable manner. Simplicity does not have to cost a fortune.

I think the best way to keep it simple in terms of vases is to stick to the simplest shapes and colours. The ones that go with pretty much anything. You want your vase to be timeless and classy. My personal choice is glass. Oval or straight, maybe with some elements but nothing too colourful or complicated. I love the image on the right as it captures my style perfectly.


Vintage pieces are always on the table as an option. Of course, I would go for glass but adding a small cute element like for example,  the labels on the bottles on the image on the left, can make your arrangements more personal and interesting.
Plus buying a vintage piece in London is so much fun. I would also suggest if you want your display to be vibrant to go for different sizes. Perhaps three vases in different hight and width would look more casual then three uniform like shapes.


If you have the luck to live in a high ceilings home one of the benefits is that you can go big on tall flowers. And we all agree they look incredible.
The best vases for that are the ones that are quite voluminous.
You can play with the quantity but I find that for one nicely arranged spot, all you need really is max of three pieces. Otherwise it is a bit too much.
Consider that the volume of the vase is a statement itself.


Sometime having just one vase is better.
To achieve the "wow" subtleness though, you will need to choose a statement piece that has volume and is perfectly shaped. I love the vase in this image as it is not too big and it is the perfect bubble. It owns its place on the table but without overcrowding it. Also because of its shape ad volume it is perfect if you fancy having just a single or a few branches of flower. And it will look glorious as a centrepiece bouquet. It is a good choice for tables
(dinning/coffee) but not so much as night stands or next to windows. Opt for shorter one if you plan to use it for a coffee table.


My  "three vases" rule.
As I suggested above, it is preferable  if they are different sizes and shapes.

For me, If you are going for three vases, avoid mixing a centrepiece vase( Like the one above) Main reason is simple:
That vase is too perfect and will always look alienated from the rest. Just like on the image on the left, try to keep them in a family. It creates this chic / boho casual and cute vibe. Plus it is a bit hard finding family for a as perfect circle as the one above.
My rule is : Circle's alone and any other shape is good to go in a trio or duo.
Best places:
Next to windows, hallways, kitchen plot, desk, a 3x3 on a big dining table


I also vote yes for glass vases with smoked effects. These in particular are slightly smoked at the bottom which adds some level of sophistication to your display. In general if I am going to make a duo of vases I would choose two that are quite similar in volume but different in hight. Just because is more subtle and elegant, and not so distracting for the eye. When you have three vases that differ in size and shape it is fun and engaging for the eye. But a duo goes closer to the "one centrepiece" look . It has more elegance and fines.
Best places:
Night stands, dresser, coffee table


This is probably the one vase I could place anywhere, as it is very versatile. I find though, it is best left on its own as a vase. You can still ad other decorative objects but in terms of mixing it, I would rather not.
Even the candle on this image is a bit off to me, as it takes the attention away.

This size ( as seen on the image) is quite chic and casual, so I wouldn't use it as a centrepiece on a dinning table or a coffee table.


I absolutely love this vase. It has a very classic french vibe, due to its "vine glass" like feature.
If you are not a fan of oval vases, then this is the perfect vase to choose for your centrepiece.

Due to its size, It is best to utilise it smartly. So choosing surfaces with enough room to host other activities too is a good idea.


Adding a soft hint of colour is also a good idea.
it creates a vibrant display that feels more fun.
Bare in mind that I wouldn't mix it with clear glass vases. I would probably have a few carefully picked pieces in colour for selected places of the home.
Of course you can have it the way you like it and experiment. As a minimalist fan I prefer to give a certain attention to a piece or a detail, than to rather overcrowded.
This one is great as it compliments very nicely the tones of the wood. So if you have a wooden oak shelving or a piece, this could be sitting quite nicely on it.

2 IN 1

You have the oval volume , plus the smoked glass. It gives me the retro vibes a lot, mainly because it is styled with such pop up 60's colours. But if you place it on a white flooring with dark or greys or beige it changes completely to a more elegant piece. Therefore you could say it is quite versatile and funky in a way. You can mix it with other vases too. To me it is not a centrepiece vase, more of a playful hybrid , perfect for experimentations.


This is another interesting piece that gives me the retro feels.
Not only it is smoked with this gorgeous colour, but it also holds an interesting patterned shape.
It has a dynamic feel to it, then again it is a very calming and subtle colour.
I find it very elegant and think it will definitely look lovely holding some  dark greens.
Again I imagine this will look really good in a wooden interior, maybe next to a wooden library.
It is a warm colour so I would almost immediately place it next to a warm detail of my interior.


Ochre, beige, or however you see this colour, we can all agree it is warm and soft. Again I would not mix any of these colourful vases but have them in a single piece. Even if you don't have a painting to accessorise, there is always the simple solution of just leaving it by itself with a nice greens or any other flower for that matter.
If you place it in a light coloured interior, make sure theres a couple of details in the room in the warm spectrum of colours.
This way it will feel more as naturally part of your effortless chic style.


Another warm colour: smoked olive green glass.
Stunning as equally in light interior as it is in a more vibrant setting.
If you do style it on a small coffee table, maybe think of adding one more so you have space to actually enjoy your coffee or tea.
Typically, size like the one shown in the photo.  I would style on the floor or on a very bug dinning wooden table.


It is looking a little chunky and clumsy, but its imperfections are its virtues too. Asymmetric arranged flowers will look perfect with this choice of vase. I absolutely love it as it is so casual and gently elegant in the same time. And I think you can pretty much arrange it anywhere in your home.


And French vibes.
It is almost as If I am in the deep french Provence.
Lavender and vine, stone houses with green gardens and bright pink and red flowers.
Well, You get the picture.
Funnily enough this colour is very good with warm colours. I think it is the contrast in between, if you also ad white in your interior, you a step away from that Provence like cute house.

Blue has the quality to calm the senses so I guess naturally when placed near natural light its effect doubles.
It is summary and cosy.
The imperfect shapes of the vases only makes them cuter and adds to that chic/boho style.

The tactile effect on the glass and the way it catches the sunlight is really beautiful.
I love the soft hue of this blue and how it stands out on the neutral beige stone wall.
The greens and white flowers just make the whole setting even more dreamy and calming.

I would love to style this with whites and beige, in a light interior with some oak  pieces or flooring.

All of the pieces I simply love and would love to have and the good news is you can get pretty similar pieces that does not cost you a fortune.
here are some of the pieces I find for you to check. 

Happy Shopping! 
I would love if you share your arrangements and leave a comment of how this post has inspired you.

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