Mediterranean Inspo or just 'La Dolce Vita'

Friday 29 June 2018

 The famous Mediterranean region has always inspired me not only with food but with its tradition and culture too. The historic architecture is rich and offers many inspiration for interior design in terms of materials as well.

My first association when I hear of a mediterranean villa is Wood, stone and simplicity along with history. I love minimal design but it is always so interesting to me how it differs in the different regions of the world, mainly influenced by local's history and culture.

There is something amazing about exploring a new place and scrolling down its streets. It is addictive  as it is wonderful. It makes you dream and altered your vision of the world as you know it.

It is like being in an old Italian movie . You feel deeply  the essence of La Dolce Vita.
One of my favourite actresses I really admire ever since I have discovered Old Italian Cinema are Ornella Mutti and Monica Bellucci.

So I have a thousands word to say about these images but I would love to know what You think and how these make you feel. What do you like or dislike about the Interior or materials.

Wherever you are off to this summer, do not forget to fully dive in the locals culture.
My favourite thing is trying the local food and writing down some new recipes. 

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