Mermaid Summer Hair

Thursday 14 June 2018

With summer in the doorstep and holidays season in its peak, I had to share with you my favourites for gorgeous mermaid hair. Not only looking good but healthy too.
So let's begin.

This is a super soft and cool fragrance. Have you noticed how your hair smells just after you step out of the shower, well this product will blow your mind. The scent imitates that fresh, clean feeling, and the top of the cherry is that is also protecting it from the sun rays and pollution.

Next on the list is the versatile Fragranced perfume mist by R&Co. I am sure you have heard of them and if you have not, please check them out as they have amazing hair products. You can literally spray it anywhere you like, maybe apart from your face. It is super fresh and reminds me of summer walks on the beach.

As seen on their official website  Here

Love David Hockney's Miami vibes, palms, and pink sands...

 This  is something interesting that sounds very promising from the House of Guerlain.

A new-generation dry oil with a uniquely fine texture, ideal for the face, body, and hair.
The three oils of natural origin at the heart of the formula intensely nourish and hydrate the skin and hair, with no greasy effect.
Enriched with Guerlain Tan Booster complex, Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent enhances the skin's natural tan.


Its Tiare flower fragrance leaves a gentle scent on the skin, instantly sweeping you away to an exotic far-off paradise… Deliciously pleasant after a day in the sun.
The senses are awakened, transported to a faraway land.


The Guerlain Tan Booster complex: derived from the thousand-year-old Mediterranean carob tree, it helps prepare and enhance the skin's natural tan.

3 oils of natural origin at the heart of the formula:
1. Sweet Almond Oil for the body: a source of vitamins A and E, it improves skin suppleness and accelerates its renewal. Its infinite softness makes it an ally for all skin types, soothing the most sensitive to the driest.
2. Camelina Oil for the face: with its exceptional quantity of antioxidants, it helps reinforce the epidermis and combat the visible signs of cell ageing. Day after day, the skin is stronger.
3. Limnanthus Seed Oil for the hair: particularly rich in acids, it is renowned for its exceptional nourishing properties. It is ideal for softening the hair and making it look silky.

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