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Thursday 21 January 2021


'Yes Style' is the Korean biggest online platform that provides Korean fashion, cosmetics, and a ton of other cool accessories and tech gadgets.
They have amazing discounts from which you can benefit greatly and on top of that you can now use my discount code for an additional 10% off ( applies on already discounted items too)

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Now I would like to take you through some of my recommendations or personal favs from their collections.

This lovely long coat comes in two colours and I absolutely love the blue version of it. 


Next up  is the classic black/beige oversized coat. I love how minimal and clean the design of this coat is. Very versatile and it simply goes with everything. A truly must have!


Another more casual and sporty jacket, short style design but none the less super cool.


Another oversized goodness in two shades which I love.
I am so curious to read your thoughts on which one of these you like the best. 


So, yes! As you can see I have a thing for plaid jackets and shirts.
They have always looked casually cool to me and is something I will like forever.
Here is another plaid pattern in a shirt design. Again two shades available, below.

I hope this has been helpful if you are on the look for plaid or minimal jackets. These are affordable and have a really expensive looking feel to them.
Let me know in the comment section your choices and do not forget to check on here later for my next recommendations from Yes Style!

I promise they will not disappoint.

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