The Ordinary Explained

Friday 15 January 2021


Hi guys, in this article I will go into explaining a little bit how 'The Ordinary' works.
For a newcomer, it is a little confusing as to how to mix and use all the potions, serums, and powders.
I as well was really confused as to how it works and what I need to buy for my skin type.
I hope here I can shed a little light on the matter and make it a bit easier for you all.
So let's begin.

On the screenshot below you can see a breakdown menu of the brand's options.
I highly recommend if using for the first time to read the ABOUT 
section to get an idea of who they are.

Next, I will take you to their REGIMEN GUIDE 
as it is the best section to explain how they work.

After you click on their REGIMEN GUIDE  you will see this short description of what the regimen guide is all about. The little Icon table bellow helps a ton as it gives you the main basics 
when choosing your products, tells you when you can use them, how often, what zone to tackle with them, etc.

Further below you will find a menu of their products separated/organized 
by definition and purpose of use.

I have decided to open the Antioxidants section of their menu to show you how well everything is explained. I love this so much as it shows you all of their antioxidants with their names and everything you need to know about them: when to use, before, or after which product is best for use, and what not to combine it with. This step is really important as The Ordinary is all about you creating your own goody bag aka regimen of selected products.

Then we have the Cleanser's section based on the same concept.

And finally, I have chosen Hydrators and Oils section for the purpose of explaining The Ordinary does not have moisturizers in the classic sense you know them. I am sure by now you have realized they are more of a serum/oil/potion based brand. And you are right. Their products can be used without you having to purchase a separate moisturizer, simply due to the fact that everything your skin needs is in these potions. However, having said that you can absolutely add a moisturizer should you wish to as their products are the perfect addition to any product.

Another great help they have so kindly provided on their website is the Example Regimen Section.
It is divided into a few categories their customers might find themselves. Which I am sure you will be able to understand seeing the regiments below:

These are based not so much on skin type but on purpose and result. Why? 
Most of their products are simply suitable for All skin types. So you do not need to worry.

And last but not least, You can shop their amazing potions 


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