Night rituals

Sunday 1 July 2018

Here are some of the help I use to drift off after a long day. Sometimes is very hard to switch off your mind and put away any phones, lap tops and tablets, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.
I find really helpful creating a little pre-bed prep ritual.

I love this magnesium oil as it is infused with lavender and it relaxes your senses as well as your muscles, especially after a workout.

You can sprits it on your skin straight after shower or a magnesium salts bath, which does wonders if your muscles are really sore.

Lavender scent.... spray it on your pillow or light up an essential oil burner. Or get a sleep mask with lavender seeds inside ...

The Silk also feels really soft on your skin and has proven anti-aging benefits. 

Light up a candle.. make some tea or whichever drink you like to drink as long as it is not sweet or fizzy. I like to mix lavender and chamomile, but you can get special 'night time sleep' teas that already have some pretty good ingredients blended together.

When I say light up a candle, you can even take it to the next level by purchasing a special one that has a burning twist ... it basically sounds like a cracking wood when it burns.. how cool is that, especially if it relaxes you.

The smell and rhythm of the falling raindrops. I find it super relaxing and smoothing. Open the window and let that put you in a sleep mood.

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