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Tuesday 10 July 2018

It is a three storey house crush in Nashville, (Tennessee) designed by April Tomlin Interiors.
Featured in Architectural Digest.
Home of a cute couple that certainly have their styles in sync.

    It is a super cool feeling when two people are dedicated to bettering their lives together and this house just resonates the purity of this intention, their gentle and deep connection and respect for each other. The masculine and feminine elements of the house are really well balanced too.

What I love about the interior is that it is airy and light, and it sort of welcomes you to the outside forest scenery. Even the windows are as almost framing the view, which adds to the whole serene experience. It wouldn't be hard to destress as they are not many shouting colours or patterns, but this does not mean the interior is lacking detailing.

Nevertheless it is my epitome  of minimal, open retreat for the senses. its simplicity gives opportunity for  focus on oneself. As both of them stated " It is not the house and the interior that should be loud but its occupant's lives" The home certainly reflects both of theirs very successfully.

   I love how the deep dark elements create a perfect contrast with the view outside and you can still see the details of the setting.

   They are not many colours mainly and it makes it easier to see the shapes instead, which I think was their main focus and intention in the design.

    It is so cool and funky how they opted out for different chairs and broke the formal unity of the idea for a dining table.

The kitchen has a very earthy feel with wood and metal detailing, warm and simple. And we can also their B&W picture frames leading like an arrow to the next space.

Notice how different shapes and materials sneak from the corner . The mixture of different wood and the open hall ceiling just add to the overall balance .

Fireplace in the bedroom is always a good idea for some warm and cozy moments. 

                              Floating bed, as if it was not airy and dreamy already. 

 It is the notion and movement in the house that also makes it a lovely design, the journey through the rooms and the experience and ambiance they give out. 

   Truly great design that inspires with its simplicity . Very personal and yet the nature loving side of it is admiring.

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