In Her Bag: Jisoo from Black Pink and a breakdown of all the products in her bag plus my fav alternatives from YesStyle

Tuesday 20 December 2022

London, UK


Many of you asked me to do a series of breakdowns of what is in the bags of a few celebrities you liked and I have decided to start with some Korean K-Pop Stars. 

Here I am going to break down the items Jason form Black Pink is using in her bag as per her Vogue Video. And for the ones of us that love our wallets I shall also include some budget friendly alternatives! Yea! 

So let us start!

1. The bag.

Jisoo owns the Dior Lady D - Joy Bag which you can find via the link below. 

Dior Lady D Joy Bag in Black

And because not all of us have a safe of $,£ 3,000 to use here is my choice of alternative for you.

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

2. The Bag's Charm.

Jisoo has the cutest little rabbit which is personalised with her name, attached to her bag. 
As i was not able to find out where this was made or what brand the rabbit is, I have taken the liberty to attach my alternatives for you below. 

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

3. Hairclip by Chunks.

Jisoo uses a clip by Chunks, which if you did not know is a super cool American brand based in Seattle, Washington. It is fully female operated and is donating 1% of proceeds for the planet. I had no idea who they were until I started writing this blog and I have to say I am glad I have discovered them. all of their products are super affordable and there would not be any need for me to add any alternatives here, considering how price/budget friendly this brand is. 

You can shop the exact same hair clip HERE 

If you do however fancy some YesStyle hair accessories vibes here are my alternatives below.

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

4.  Contax T3 Film Camera.

First released in the 90s this camera has a beautiful, solid metal chassis made in Japan. Sharp, wide aperture Carl Zeiss glass made in Germany. A simple, easy to use autofocus system. These three key aspects make the Contax T3 an incredible camera. 

Released in 2001, the Contax T3 was the third of the Contax T series of high-end compact film cameras targeted at the professional and luxury consumer markets. However due its vintage almost origins it is nearly impossible to find one that is brand new. I have linked a few Ebay links below where the camera is described as 'Used' and markets for around £1k - £2 k. 

Fun fact is thatches is a great investment as the value of the camera grow exponentially with time. 
For a reference back in 2003 the camera was marketed for around £500 - £800 in its 'Used' condition.

So it is up to all of you if you would like to purchase the original or if you are more on the friendly budget site, then do have a look of the alternatives I have included below.

Shop the camera HERE and HERE

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

All camera links available on amazon.
5. Dior Vibe Wallet. 
Jisoo uses the Dior Small Voyageur Wallet in Blue and it is really cute. 

You can shop the Dior wallet HERE

And below you can find my budget friendly options. 

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

6. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Perfume. 
I really love this perfume and it is a great addition to your perfume stables on your vanity shelf. The scent is truly amazing. Tune in to my podcast ALL THINGS WONDERFUL to listen to the episode where I am reviewing it in further detail. 

You can buy Jason's favourite Dior perfume HERE 

7. Dior Hand Mirror. 

I was not able to find this anywhere online or on the Dior website, however I have compiled some really gorgeous alternatives below. 

Go have a look and I hope you like them. 

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Shop alternatives via link HERE 

8. The Slip Skinny Scrunchie. 

These come in a pack of 6 and you can choose from multiple lovely colours. 

You can shop Jason's scrunchie choice HERE 

9. Rouge Dior 314 Grand Bal Matte, Rouge Dior 525 Cherie Satin Balm and Dior Addict Lip Glow 001 Pink.

I absolutely love that Jisoo also likes the lip products form the famous Dior lip range. I have tried a few of their products as well like the famous scrub and lip balm with a slight tinted pink colour and I absolutely love it. 

You can shop Jisoo and my Dior favourite lip products HERE, HERE and HERE

10. Dior Rouge Blush 475 Rose Caprice. 

One of the most natural looking blush out there. 
I have purchased one of there spring collection blushes some years ago and to this day I still use it. I absolutely love it. It was one of my first luxury make up treats to myself I got for Christmas. 

You can shop Jisoo and my favourite Dior Blush HERE

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this product breakdown and some of my alternatives for a budget friendly make up. 

Please like, subscribe and share your thoughts in the comments below. I do read them and appreciate them a lot. 




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