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Saturday, 20 March 2021


I often talk about being fit and well for your own shape and how we can maintain our exercise routine.
It is hard to find the motivation to exercise and we all struggle with this on a daily basis, I am sure.
One of the things I have found that have helped me is updating my sports gear.
The feeling of trying on that new sports bra, leggings, pair of running shoes and feeling ready to conquer anything in your way.

It all sounds too good but would it also be wallet worthy?
Yes! They are so many brands out there that offer affordable sports gear and I have luckily found one that hits all my requirements!
I love a good deal and one platform is really famous for hosting the best of the best prices. 
I am talking about eBay.

One Seller, in particular, sparked my interest as I have found myself buying my next running shoes by Puma for only £12.

Be Fit Sports UK and you can shop their items HERE

And of course, my purchase is more than I expected for the price!
I am more than happy with my shoes. They are super comfy and fit perfectly. The response from "Be Fit Sport UK" was super fast and I have received them on perfect time as per schedule even though they did make me aware of potential delays due to Covid. 

So head up to their eBay Profile linked above and shop away. 
You will be able to find great stuff for under £10 and even better if you decide to treat yourself. 

Below are some of the items I have picked that are under £10! Whoa!!!

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